jake wein

Jake Wein

Principal Financial Analyst

Jake joined Utiliti Ventures as an investment analyst in 2022. Jake brings a range of experience across the start-up and venture capital sectors and is driven by a desire to drive meaningful impact through financial and legal creativity and commercial strategy. Jake works on new portfolio business acquisitions as well as with partnered businesses on growth opportunities.

Before joining Utiliti Ventures, Jake undertook Investment Analyst positions at OurCrowd Ventures and Microequities Asset Management which featured end-to-end deal exposure, including extensive industry, and company-specific due diligence, financial forecasting, and valuation.

Jake is committed to making a positive impact on those around him. This ideal informed his most recent tenure as a Business Analyst at Mosh, a successful healthcare start-up focused on men’s mental health. In this capacity Jake developed solutions to manage churn and promote scale.

Jake is currently in his fourth year of a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales.