Startup Partnership - Advisory

Objective is to work with up and coming companies to help them get investment ready.

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Let's work together

In this investment environment, we want to lean in and work with clever founders / start-ups that we have conviction in and help them accelerate to agreed milestones.  In the last years we have missed out on some amazing businesses we loved with great founders & conviction that may have not meet our mandate or may have not been investment ready. Who do these businesses go to for help to get to the next milestone. We want to work with some of these businesses to help them reach their goals, work to help them meet the mandates, be investment ready and collectively benefit from this engagement together.

We have a team of previous founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and investors that have agreed to provide their time in support of these businesses.

We take 6 businesses every 6 months into the programme, we charge small monthly retainers and equity to align both founder interests and our own. The outcome is investment & acceleration of milestones through to exit.

Apply to be one of few we accept into the programme.

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Founders partner with us because they know they can count on us to Lean in when they need help. Swings & Roundabouts, different support required over time.